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Christopher Kiwi's New Zealand Adventure Dell, Leigh & Dell, Gavin
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A storybook, a colouring book, and an educational and children's ministry tool, all in one.

Christopher Kiwi is back from Australia. Eager to obey his most special of friends, he embarks on a journey throughout New Zealand. However, in his eagerness to respond to the call of his most special of friends, he wonders if he has missed the task. Unsure of the purpose of his journey, does he ultimately manage to obey and pelase his most special of friends?
This exciting new tale about Christopher Kiwi fosters and appreciation and adoration for God and His creation with its real and practical spiritual truths. This appreciation is enhanced by the interesting facts provided about each animal, the map of New Zealand which traces Christopher Kiwi's journey, and the superbly and lovingly hand-drawn illustrations for colouring in.

The detailed drawings depict an accurate likeness of each animal and its natural surroundings - the only liberty taken has been with the size of Christopher Kiwi.

Christopher Kiwis New Zealand Adventure is a storybook, a colouring book, and an educational and children's ministry tool, all in one. This is the second in the series of Christopher Kiwi's adventures.

Authors: Gavin Dell and Leigh Dell Illustrated by Leigh Dell and Dalina Armstrong

Format: Paperback 40 pages


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