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Left Behind Eagle Home Video
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Seeing is believing.
Based on the "Left Behind" book series that has taken the world by storm, selling over 30 million copies

Acclaimed international journalist Buck Williams , on assignment in Israel confronts a series of strange events... millions of people suddenly vanish from the face of the earth. Chaos, fear and darkness are everywhere.
In the USA, Captain Rayford Steele has a similar problem. Upon arrival home, he must also deal with the disappearance of his wife and young son. Steele's high spiritied and rebellious daughter are all that reamin of his family and they are determined to find their loved ones at any cost.

Buck and Rayford's rail leads them both to a change meeting with Bruce Barnes, who offers a startlingly simple explanation to the chaos. Drawn into a web of deceit and intrigue, the small group of survivors band together in a dangersou and foreboding quest for the truth... a quest that will change their lives forever.

Format: Video
Duration: 95 minutes


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