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Trial To Triumph Bryant, George
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What is it about the Human Spirit that enables people to overcome great personal disaters, and move on to help others?

How do you cope when you are born with cerebral palsy or spina bifida, or paralysed as the result of an accident or contract a terminal illness or go blind?
George bryant has compiled the stories of ordinary Kiwis who have struggled against the odds and not just survived but overcome. He examines the 'undaunted human spirit' and what motivates people to triumph over their trials.
This book is about life. Some of the stories may appear a little dark but they are real for those interviewed. We hope thatsuch things may never happen to us, but they could, at any time.
The bookm is unique. It will inspire you. You will identify in some way with the stories you read. You will find practical ways of dealing with life's traumas. And you will wonder at the amazing resilience of the human spirit.

Format:Paperback 232 pages


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