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Blast in Space #8 321 penquins
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Strap in for three all new adventures with four space-traveling penguins!

Add in giant ants, hula-dancing tikis and a volcano ready to blow and you'll have a blast in space while learning valuable lessons from the book of Proverbs in patience, diligence and compassion! Featured episodes include Wiki Tiki, Lazy Daze and Compassion Crashin'.

Here's what media critics are saying about the new 3-2-1 Penguins!:

"... have no fear ... the pace is quicker, the jokes comes faster, and the laughs follow right behind. Big Idea is on the right track with Penguins!" -- Past The Popcorn, Gospelcom.net

"The journeys ... are funny, and the episodes are unusually well done. The mandatory adult-appeal humor rarely sails over kids' heads, making this the rare show for very young viewers that can be enjoyed by parents and other grown-up caregivers as well." -- Common Sense Media



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