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Medar Manssen, S R
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Freya is half blind, poor and lives in land-locked Medar. An unlikely heroine. So when she finds a mysterious tablet telling her about a beautiful land beyond the Wall free from the evil Master, she doesn't think anybody will believe her.

The same day, her family learns they have been selected to live in the Golden City, ruled over by the Master. But instead of entering the City with her family, Freya instead finds herself condemned to death by the Guards. At the last minute Freya is rescued by an invisible Watcher.

What follows is an incredible journey, pursued by guards, that takes Freya to the very edge of the only world she has ever known. Will she unlock the clues hidden in the tablet? The key to the long lost path to Tyrelia - and freedom - is in her hands.

In this first book of the Realm Trilogy, Medar, S R Manssen starts her allegorical tale. Using fantasy fiction, she brings younger teenagers into an understanding of the tension between living in today's society with its selfish values and the more abundant life that is available to them if they choose it. If you're looking for fantasy fiction with some great moral messages, then you'll love S R Manssen's Realm Trilogy.

Format:Paperback 238 pages


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